Nicky is a well-educated, highly competent and motivated individual who has consistently made a positive difference to organisations, work places, and people in a diverse career spanning four countries.

She has a keen sense of social responsibility, which evolved through growing up in South Africa, and which she has demonstrated throughout her career, each time carving out a niche where she can make people and places better off for having been part of an organisation - from lecturing previously educationally disadvantaged students as a junior economics lecturer (South Africa); to developing guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, and also promoting access to bank branches in rural areas, in her years in banking (London); to exposure to philanthropy while working for a wealth management company (Switzerland); to her role as a Workplace Health & Safety advisor, Quality Manager and Environmental Manager in Australia, making positive improvements to her workplaces through improving procedures, implementing new policies, and just getting-things-done. 

Nicky has found her niche as a consultant for quality assurance, workplace health and safety, and environmental management. She is experienced in implementing new systems, maintaining and improving systems, and internal auditing. She also specialises in helping companies prepare for external audits. 

Key Competencies

  • Transitioning management systems

  • Internal Auditing

  • Training

  • Preparation for external audits

  • Management systems improvement and implementation; and maintenance

  • Process development and improvement

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of industrial relations/ human resource management at all levels including, four years as a senior executive of a major Australia and New Zealand employer, Thiess Services Pty Ltd and more recently heading the Human Capital function for Laing O'Rourke Australia Construction Northern Region and South East Asia.

With a breadth of industry experience including construction (client & contractor), coal mining, banking & insurance, manufacturing and government in industrial advocacy and enterprise agreement negotiations at both State and Federal level. Chris is a reliable and trusted advisor that can deliver tangible and timely results.

Chris's goal is to secure the goals of his employers and clients, fairly, energetically and relentlessly. He provides straight forward answers to difficult workplace problems. Chris can work with clients, training their managers to coach their supervisors, advising with strategy or technical matters, dealing with people emergencies, workplace conflict, complaints and investigations in an honest, open, professional and empathetic manner.

Key Competencies

  • Industrial relations & employment law

  • Safety leadership

  • Performance Management

  • Recruitment

  • Workforce Planning

  • Industrial Advocacy

  • Succession Planning

  • Employee engagement

  • Leadership development & training

  • HRIS Project review & management

  • Remuneration & benefits

  • HR Policy development & review

  • Change Management