• Nicky Roberts

The Workplace 20 Years from Now - according to a 12 year old

20 years from now I don’t think the world will have changed that much, sure we might have electric cars and different power sources but the jobs will all be the same. 20 years from now technology will be a lot different, we could possibly have phones that project holograms or holographic computers. This could make it possible for everyone to work from home or they could still have to go to the office and have to see people in person just for special things like signing contracts. From what public transport there is today, I think that in the near future transport like trains and planes will be a lot faster moving, and they will be more eco friendly

A typical workday for me in 2040, I will wake up, put on whatever I want, take the pills that give me the exact nutrition for the morning. Then I will go to my office in my house, log onto the holographic computer, do whatever occupation I do. Lunchtime comes around and I can put some capsules into water and have the nutrition needed. After that I will go back to work and finish. When I am done what I have to do, then I will have free time until taking the pills for dinner and then I will go to bed and repeat the same thing until the weekend. That is what I think it will be like 20 years from now.

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